VACCINATION IS NOT a requirement of entry to Beaudesert Rifle Club

COVID Restrictions as of 17 December 2021

As you would all know the Queensland Government has issued a new Direction relating to Vaccination Status.

The full Direction from Queensland Health is available here

QRA’s primary operation falls under the banner of Community Sport and we follow the advice of Queensland Government – Sport & Recreation (DTIS).

Sport & Recreation advice    

In summary, our sport of target shooting may be offered to vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Many clubs will have a club house in some form.  This often stores club documentation and equipment required to conduct the shoots and provides a meeting place for members to socially interact.

The Sport & Rec advice is that club houses are not permitted for use by unvaccinated people when it relates to food and beverage.  QRA believes a conservative approach is safest, therefore Club Houses (including covered areas) should only be used by vaccinated people.

QRA Vaccination summary

Please note the requirement to print new signage relating to vaccination status.  This also provides a degree of safety for Committees of Management when you clearly articulate the policy relating to vaccination status.  People can then make an informed choice regarding there participation.

Proof of Vaccination not required sign

Proof of Vaccination required sign

Regardless of vaccination status, all venues should have a QR code for use with the Qld Check-in App.

QRA Clubs/Members:

Many of you will be members of Shooters Union, SSAA and other shooting organisations.  They may have chosen to interpret the Health Direction differently.  The content of this email is the QRA position. 

If you need further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.

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